Raksha Dave

Raksha Dave is a Field Archaeologist, Public Archaeologist, Author and Broadcaster and has recently been appointed as President of the Council for British Archaeology.

In 1999, Raksha graduated from the UCL Institute of Archaeology, having already excavated on research projects in the UK, Puerto Rico and Texas. In 2000, she secured her first position as a commercial field archaeologist based in London where she worked predominantly on some of the capitals most iconic multi-period archaeological sites. During this time, she worked on various research excavations around the world, including the UNESCO World Heritage Site Catalhoyuk Research Project in Turkey. In 2021, Raksha became the President of the Council for British Archaeology.

With experience in the time periods spanning prehistoric to the Second World War, in 2003, Raksha was recruited by Channel 4's popular archaeology programme Time Team – where she was a regular face on the show until its final episode in 2013. During her ten year stint on the show she excavated well over 100 sites including Westminster Abbey, Holyrood Palace, the D-Day defences and Normandy.

As an experienced broadcaster, Raksha has been presenting history and archaeology documentaries to international audiences for over twenty years. Her credits include ‘Time Team’, ‘Digging for Britain’, ‘Digging up Britain’s Past’ and ‘The Great Plague’ to name just a few. In 2023 her debut book Lessons from Our Ancestors was published and shortlisted in the Discover category for the British Book Awards 2024.

In between all of her time excavating, Raksha realised her passion for working with communities and the public whilst employed by a local authority in London; commissioning, developing and delivering public services in the education sector.  This is reflected in her later heritage work when she developed and managed various National Lottery Heritage funded community projects, and is now in her second term as Honorary President of the Council for British Archaeology as well as an advocate and patron for the Young Archaeologists Club.

Raksha acts as an advocate and consultant for various arts organisations looking to broaden audience participation by looking at ways to encourage diversity and inclusivity in their environments.

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Noteable Work

  • The Romans - History Live Lesson, BBC Teach
  • Buckingham Palace with Alexander Armstrong, Channel 5
  • The Vikings, Channel 5
  • The Black Death, Channel 5
  • The Great Stink, Channel 5
  • Digging for Treasure: Tonight, Channel 5
  • The Great Plague, Channel 5
  • Countdown to War, Channel 5
  • Boxing Day Tsunami, Channel 5
  • Ancient Engineering, Channel 5
  • Digging Up Britain’s Past, Channel 5
  • The Bone Detectives, Channel 4
  • Pompeii: What Happened Next?, Channel 5
  • Tutankhamun: Life Death and Legacy, Channel 5
  • Digging for Britain, BBC Four
  • Pompeii’s Final Hours: New Evidence, Channel 5
  • Ancient Voices, BBC Two
  • Time Team, Channel 4
  • Time Team Big Royal Dig Live, Channel 4 and More 4
  • Time Team Big Roman Dig Live, Channel 4
  • Time Team Special: The Invasion Landings D-day Normandy, Channel 4

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