Maddy Shipman


Having worked at one of London’s leading talent agencies for actors for 3 years, Maddy is excited to be in the creative and dynamic space that is Mirador. Passionate about people, Maddy has come with a First Class degree in theatre and a natural drive for communication and planning.

Keen for a well rounded understanding of the industry, Maddy has also gained experience in production, working on a scale of projects from Netflix to branded content with News UK. Talent management has always been Maddy’s passion and she is thrilled to be part of the team, working with a highly credible and exciting roster.

Talent managed by Maddy Shipman

Sophie Darlington

Natural history filmmaker and Director of Photography

Aldo Kane

World Record Setting Adventurer, Broadcaster & Safety Expert

Doug McMaster

Michelin Starred chef

Raheem Payne

Drag artist and personality

Rosie Smith

Podcaster and journalist

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