Hazen Audel
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Hazen Audel

Adventurer, artisan and biologist Hazen Audel has travelled to and immersed himself working in some of the most remote places on earth surviving in some of the harshest environments. A Kootenai and Salish Native American by descent, Hazens unique perspective on the world and his gift of understanding and explaining the landscape and communities around the world can be seen in his hit National Geographic Series Primal Survivor now in its 8th season.

By integrating himself into indigenous groups and navigating extreme terrains Hazen has spent the last 30 years studying nature and anthropology in the field, integrating himself into these communities and learning from their lives and practices.  In 2019, Hazen brought astonishing stories of wilderness survival from modern history with Ultimate Survival WWII. From his time as a biology teacher to his work as a survival instructor, wilderness guide and naturalist Hazen's teaching style has always been to educate through experience. 

With a Bachelors of Science in Biology specialising in botany and zoology Hazen furthered his education with Masters Degrees in Tropical Biology and Science Education.  Along with hardened expertise in Scuba Diving, mountaineering, whitewater travel, his biology profession has taken him throughout the most remote areas of the Americas, Australia, Indonesia and the South Pacific. He is fluent in Spanish and conversant in several indigenous languages such as Bahasa, Quichua and South Pacific Pigin. 

These experiences shape much of how Hazen lives his life and his views of the world which can be seen in his work as a craftsman, professional artist and sculptor. Peppering his passion with skills learnt from artisans and communities around the world Hazen has built his own home and farmstead where he lives off grid and self-sufficient growing most of his own food. With Rewilding at this centre of this work he has passionately and tirelessly through years of planting, digging and hands on building turned what was an overworked farm field into a wildlife oasis of biodiverse wetlands, forests and native prairie habitats. Taking this experience and practice he is the own owner and principal artisan of Hazen Audel Architectural Artworks.

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  • Survive The Tribe - Nat Geo
  • Ultimate Survival WWII - Nat Geo

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