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Guddi Singh

Dr Guddi Singh is a paediatric doctor in London with wide experience in global public health and as TV presenter.

Passionate about social justice and health equity, Guddi’s policy experience at the World Health Organization (WHO) and Health Education England (HEE), as well as wide clinical experience in India, the US, Australia, South Africa, Tanzania, and Uganda, has given her a global perspective on health despite being based in the UK.

As a TV broadcaster, Guddi has appeared across a variety of outlets including BBC, Channel 4, ITV, Al-Jazeera, and Sky News. Her presenting debut was as the host of BBC Two’s Babies: Their Wonderful World which was the largest study on early child development ever attempted. In the RTS award-winning Why is COVID Killing People Colour? Guddi's expertise were central to shaping and interrogating racial inequality during the global pandemic. This investigative line was followed again in two BBC Two Horizon specials and in Channels 4’s How to Avoid a Second Wave - a critical look at the UK's politics, policies and handling of the COVID-19 pandemic. During 2022 Guddi hosted BBC Two’s Your Body Uncovered, a six-part series which saw her using augmented reality to help patients understand their everyday medical conditions - the first time this had been show on-screen. 

In addition to her television work, Guddi has been able to marry her interdisciplinary expertise with accessible public communication for other formats. Guddi has written extensively, including for The Guardian newspaper, on issues she campaigns on: the right to public health care, COVID-19, health inequality, air pollution, arts in health, and child poverty. Guddi also makes regular contributions to radio and podcasts, including chairing live events, intellectual debate, and interviews with best-selling authors for the Intelligence Squared podcast.


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Noteable Work

  • Morning Live, BBC One
  • Why is Covid Killing People of Colour?, BBC One
  • How to Avoid a Second Wave, Channel 4
  • Babies: Their Wonderful World, BBC Two
  • Trust Me I’m A Doctor, BBC Two
  • The Cure, Al-Jazeera
  • Your Body Uncovered, BBC Two
  • Horizon, BBC Two

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