Iona Bain

Iona Bain is an award-winning journalist, broadcaster, author and speaker who specialises in personal finance. She is BBC Morning Live's resident financial expert.

In 2011, Iona founded the pioneering Young Money Blog and went on to become the UK’s go-to voice on millennial money throughout the 2010s. She is now BBC Morning Live’s resident money expert, broadcasting her helpful, down-to-earth advice to millions every week and presenting regular reports on a range of subjects, from money muling to cash stuffing. Her 2022 report on her struggles with dyscalculia has been widely credited with bringing the condition (known as “numbers dyslexia”) into the mainstream and led to her becoming an ambassador for National Numeracy. She has appeared extensively on TV and radio throughout her 13 year career, with appearances including Question Time, Newsnight and Panorama. Iona presented two in-depth investigations for File on 4 in 2023, has previously presented Radio 4’s Moneybox and joined Paul Johnson for the 2020 Radio 4 series, The Austerity Audit.

Iona has written prolifically for print and online media, with her work including a weekly column in the i newspaper and a bi-weekly column in the Metro.

She has also been a staple of youth and female-focused media with her comments appearing frequently in Vogue, R29 and VICE. She has written two books - her latest, Own It, focuses on how young people can invest their way to a better future.

Iona recently started Focus on Finance, an initiative to help the next generation learn about the financial industry via in-person events featuring inspiring speakers. She will be awarded the Freedom of the City of London in 2024 in recognition of her contribution to young people's financial literacy.

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Noteable Work

  • Morning Live, BBC One
  • File on 4: Rental Health: The Social Housing Perfect Storm?, Radio 4
  • Cryptocurrency: Has the Bubble Burst?, Channel 4
  • Life Hacks, BBC Radio 1
  • Rip Off Britain, BBC One
  • NewsNight, BBC Two
  • Question Time, BBC One

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