Dr Diva Amon

Dr Diva Amon is a Caribbean marine biologist, 2020 National Geographic Emerging Explorer, and researcher of the weird and wonderful animals in parts of the deep ocean that few, if any, have visited before.

Diva most recently starred in National Geographic and Disney+ brand new series, Welcome to Earth, Diva is the deep-sea expert accompanying Will Smith down into the deepest oceans.

She has spent over a year of her life on expeditions around the world, exploring previously unknown ocean habitats from Antarctica to the Mariana Trench. She herself regularly ventures down into the depths in submersibles, with her deepest dive to 2.6 kilometres below the ocean surface in the Cayman Trench.

Studying the ever-increasing impacts that humans are having on the deep ocean, including deep-sea mining, pollution and climate change, has lead Diva to campaign for stricter regulations on the global stage, often speaking at the United Nations, International Seabed Authority, Convention on Biological Diversity and the Nobel Prize. Diva shares her understanding and experience of this little-known environment with the public including via appearances in Channel 5’s The Pacific, and an upcoming major series with National Geographic, to name just a few, as well as regularly giving public talks at universities, conferences, festivals and companies.

Diva is the Co-Founder of the non-profit NGO, SpeSeas, dedicated to increasing marine science, education, and advocacy in Trinidad and Tobago and the wider Caribbean. Her path, given her Caribbean origins, has been a unique one, and as a result, she works to increase accessibility and inclusivity in marine science through the excellent work of SpeSeas.

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Noteable Work

  • Lift the Ice, Curiosity Stream
  • The Pacific, Channel 5
  • Welcome to Earth, National Geographic & Disney+

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